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Comprehensive Coverage refers to an insurance policy which provides protection against most direct, sudden and accidental physical losses. Some of the perils or sources of damage covered by comprehensive property damage  are: fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, landslide, falling objects, explosion, attempted or actual burglary or robbery, water damage from bursting pipes, damage by wild or stray animals, collapse from the weight of ice and snow, and wind or hail damage.

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Other coverage options and extras

These optional mobile home insurance riders are not included standard on every policy, but they make great compliments to a basic policy, and can save you thousand of dollars.


Loss of Use Expenses:

Policies may cover loss-of-use expenses. These are expenses incurred due to your home being temporarily uninhabitable. These expenses may include rental housing, or a hotel room following a natural disaster or fire.


Earthquake and Flood:

These two coverage options are never included in any homeowners insurance.

They are costly and must always be purchased separately.


Optional Replacement Cost. 

Optional Replacement Cost coverage gives you a different kind of settlement if your home is destroyed which reflects actual costs.

 Costs considered in this settlement include costs to replace the damaged items with new property of comparable material and quality, without any deduction for depreciation. In most states, this coverage also gives you the option of receiving up to  120% of the amount of insurance for your home to replace it!


Agreed Loss Settlement 

Realistically, this just means that if we agreed to pay you a certain settlement or benefit amount in the event of your home’s destruction, we will honor that amount and not try to shortchange you.

It’s terrible that this must be explained and that some people are already used to insurance companies giving them a hard time. Not with us. Aint nobody got time for that.


Liability Coverage 

This mobile home insurance option provides protection against liability for accidents to non-residents in your home. This means that if you are found legally responsible for an injury or property damage to someone who doesn’t live in your home, you only have to pay a deductible- your insurance will cover costs like, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.


Specific and specialized coverage options

These Popular coverage options are even more specific, but we'll cover them if you need them!


  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns
  • Debris removal
  • Emergency Removal Service and Emergency Repair after a loss
  • Credit card and check forgery
  • Fire Department service
  • Food spoilage coverage
  • Hobby farm or ranch liability
  • Identity fraud expense and management including monitoring
  • Incidental business liability
  • Personal injury
  • Water damage from sewers and drains
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Trip coverage when moving your home
  • Personal Liability coverage on additional residences
  • Scheduled Personal Property coverage
  • Replacement cost coverage (mobile home, other structures and personal belongings)


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