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Recreational Vehicles

In addition to supplying you with free quotes and affordable policies for your mobile home, we can also insure and protect motor homes. The only times when you aren’t obligated to purchase RV insurance are if:

            -Your RV is only towable, and cannot be driven

            -You own it outright and are willing to assume your own financial responsibility

 In all other cases, you must maintain insurance on your RV to live in it safely, and especially to drive it on public roadways.


 Specialized RV Insurance 

When it comes to getting insurance for RVs there are a unique set of challenges. Insurance policies for recreational vehicles are different because an RV counts as both a vehicle and a domicile or residence intermittently. 

While you are driving your RV, we provide you with a liability or comprehensive insurance policy for indemnity coverage against other drivers, as well as protection of your motor home, its contents, and its occupants against collision as well as other physical damages. 

Once your RV is parked however, it’s considered a domicile and we will insure it as such. That means we can even include the special provision listed in the “Parked RV Options” sidebar. Basic liability insurance is the very least RV insurance coverage you must purchase whether you own, rent, or have borrowed your recreational vehicle. 


Liability insurance 

Not unlike the liability insurance purchased for cars, this type of recreational vehicle  insurance policy is responsible for meeting the state minimum liability limits for proving financial responsibility in order to operate a vehicle legally. 

Basically RV liability insurance is like your permission slip to operate a potentially deadly vehicle on public roadways. 

Although it only meets state minimum liability requirements, liability insurance coverage can and will save you thousands in the event of an accident. Liability insurance on a vehicle assumes the financial responsibility of your actions for you as long as any traffic accidents or incidents for which you file insurance claims are considered qualifying events by your RV insurance policy provider. People who own their motor homes or have borrowed them for a trip are not obligated to purchase full coverage RV insurance, but they often do. 

If you have rented or financed your motor home however, you will most likely be required to purchase full coverage RV insurance as well. This is explained below.


Comprehensive & Collision (Full Coverage

These RV insurance options protect your motor home from collisions with stationary objects, other vehicles, and non-collision damages like natural disasters. 

The reason that you are obligated to purchase this more expensive type of RV insurance coverage when you have financed your recreational vehicle is because the finance company needs to be assured that they will get a return on their investment in the event of a loss (destruction of the RV). 

Full coverage RV insurance usually protects against damages of all types except flood and earthquake damage. Some other damages from which comprehensive RV insurance will protect your motor home include: Wind, hail, fire, civil commotion, volcanic eruption, falling objects (debris, tree limbs, airplane parts), and more…


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