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SkyBlue Insurance is proud to sell Pacific Specialty brand home insurance in California.

Pacific Specialty Mobile Home InsurancePacific Specialty offers great rates on California home insurance that includes both homeowner’s liability and property damage coverage for California homes large and small. Condominium insurance is also a strong suit of theirs with special seasonal policies for those who only use their condos during a few months out of the year. 

Pacific Specialty insurance even offers discounts on auto & home insurance bundles, which are a great way to save money on their already affordable California home insurance which can protect your single-family home against such unhappy events as:

theft |  fire | vandalism | malicious mischief  | water damage | windstorm | hail | lightning | explosions.

Home Valuation By Pacific Specialty

Pacific Specialty is a company that knows what California homeowner insurance needs to cover. Their experience in home valuation- arguably the most important part of your policy- will guarantee that you end up with a robust Calfornia homeowner insurance policy that protects your home up to a strong and fair dwelling limit or insurance limit. In the event of a total loss, Pacific specialty even offers Extended Replacement Cost Coverage for additional protection above and beyond the dwelling limit to help make sure you have enough coverage to rebuild your home.

Personal Property & Assets

Our comprehensive California homeowner insurance covers losses to your home or apartment as well as any personal property from a wide variety of unexpected events or risks.

If your home, apartment, or property is damaged, you will receive insurance benefits. In addition to those property damage benefits, Pacific Specialty also offers extra loss of use or loss of rent coverage. These options will pay for your living expenses while your home or apartment is restored to a livable condition. If you are a landlord, loss of rent insurance will provide benefits equal to the amount of rent you would normally receive from the unit that was damaged.

Home-Auto Specialty Bundle

Home insurance is not best left to an auto insurance company. 

When you purchase a California homeowner insurance policy from Pacific Specialty and bundle your auto insurance coverage, you can rest assured that both your home and auto insurance will be strong and reliable policies that fit your residence and vehicles perfectly. Pacific specialty even offers substantial premium discounts when customers purchase insurance bundles.

An insurance bundle is any multi-line insurance policy. That means that you can include auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, and California homeowners insurance from Pacific Specialty in a single policy that saves you time and money during renewal and bill-payment day.

Apartments & Rentals

Personal Property & Assets

It is just as important to purchase home insurance if you live in an apartment. Many people are deceived by the fact that their building owner or landlord maintains a rental insurance policy. This policy protects the structure of the apartment or building, as well as the landlord’s responsibility to pay rent, but offers no protection for the interior state, liability, or personal possessions of tenants.

In other words, your landlord’s insurance would only cover damages to your things if they were caused by an overall structural problem (water pipe explosion, structural collapse, etc.). Otherwise, you would require a rental insurance policy of your own to cover personal property damage and provide you with homeowners liability protection, which protects you from lawsuits stemming from a multitude of perils or causes including:

  • Household accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Accidents and injuries which you or a dependent cause on someone else’s property.

Our Renters insurance policies have special coverage options that grant Replacement Cost Coverage on your personal belongings. And, if you have special items like jewelry, you can add extra coverage for those high-value items that would be devastating to lose. Our Renters policy also provides important liability protection should a guest get injured in your apartment or rental unit.

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Condominium & Townhome Coverage

SkyBlue Mobile Home InsurancePurchase condominium insurance or townhome insurance in just minutes with Pacific Specialty and The SkyBlue Insurance Agency Inc.

Condominium & Townhouse Considerations

Your landlord or building owner’s overall condominium insurance or townhome insurance policy only protects the exterior structure, and property damage or bodily injuries to tenants in common areas. For your own personal liability and property to be protected, you must purchase a separate condo insurance policy.

Where your association fails, Pacific Specialty shines by providing condo insurance that will protect what matters most to you. Our Condo/Townhouse policies consist of special coverage options including Identity Theft protection and Replacement Cost Coverage on your belongings.

If you own a condo or townhouse that you rent out or only use seasonally, we have special options just for you. And, if you have special items like jewelry, silverware, or a personal computer, you can add extra coverage for those high-value items.

Discounts and Flexible Payment Plans. We offer various deductible levels and payment options so you can select the price and billing plan that best suits your needs. Speak with one of our condo insurance specialists to discover all of your specialized options.

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